We herewith inform you that we have 2 x NRL1800A air cooled water chillers available ex-stock Aermec factory.

Cooling capacity: 526kW with a supply @ 7C, return @ 12C in a 27C ambient,
or at Eurovent: 467kW with a supply @ 7C, return @ 12C in an ambient @ 35C.

See specific selection data sheet
They have six Maneurop Scroll Compressors and two refrigerant circuits using R410A refrigerant.
These two chillers were prototypes used in the Aermec lab and rebuilt at the end of 2016, so they are available at a heavily discounted price.
For technical information please look here: NRL
These chillers will not be available for very long so if you are interested, please contact EICL immediately on 01 8255155 for details .