We are pleased to announce that Patrice Sola has recently joined EICL as a specialist AHU sales engineer. Patrice shall focus on AHU sales, but shall also provide sales support for other products including FCU’s, HRU’s, etc.
Patrice has a wealth of experience having started out as a service technician up to most recently being CEO of a large French HVAC business.

We are delighted to have such an experienced HVAC Project Manager join EICL as we can now satisfy all your HVAC requirements including Chillers, AHU’s, FCU’s, HRU’s, etc..

Patrice has already been to visit the Aermec factory for training on the AHU selection software so he can confidently select the most suitable equipment for any specific application.

Please contact: patrice.sola@eicl.ie or call 01 8255155