Aermec is one of the biggest Air Conditioning manufacture in the world. Experience, ideas and innovative solutions, the competence and flexibility to respond to the market requirements for a well-being which protects the environment, respecting the very precise values on which Giordano Riello based his mind-set since 1961, when he founded Aermec. Respecting these values, which are the ethical values of a Brand, is the key to the international success of Aermec.

Aermec are particularly renowned for developing innovative cooling and heating products due to their vast R&D department with 51 Engineers dedicated to future product design. Aermec with an annual turnover of over €300MLN, have just built the largest Climatic chamber in Europe which is capable of testing loads up to 2MW.

They have a huge range of products, tailored to your needs.

Water Chillers

Heat Pump

Fan Coil Units

Heat Recovery Units

Air Handling Units

Rooftop Units

Free Cooling Dry Coolers


Data Centre Solutions