Glycol Antifreeze

Have you got “Freeze Protection” in your Water Chiller or Dry Air Cooler?

To compliment our comprehensive product range, EICL also offer a number of superior ‘Glycol Anti-freeze’ products for differing applications, all of which are blended and correctly inhibited to suit the particular chilled water system (i.e. HVAC or Process Cooling).

EICL Glycools offer the following as standard:

  • EICL Food grade & Industrial grade Glycool – EX-STOCK
  • Prevents lime scale build up
  • Inhibits against multi-metal corrosion
  • Prevents algae & bacterial growth
  • Protects against legionaries disease
  • Improves Chilled Water System Efficiency
  • Saves money on system repairs and maintenance
  • Colour ‘Dyed’ for ease of leak detection and contamination
  • Protect against costly freeze ups in winter and ‘no flow’ chiller conditions


25 lrt’s 1000 ltr IBC
EICL Glycool ‘Food Grade’ MPG (Dyed Blue) € 155.00 € 2,988.00
EICL Glycool ‘Industrial Grade’ MEG (Dyed Red) € 88.00 € 2,772.00
Refractometer Test Kit and Dosing Chart € 285.00

Many case studies have proven that properly inhibited chilled water systems are more efficient, reduce running costs, prevent nuisance chiller alarms and minimise down time.

Delivery nationwide is approx. €65.00 for up to 6 drums and €110.00 for up to 40 drums (a full  pallet).

Note: Above prices are exclusive of delivery & VAT. Although we endeavour to maintain prices as above, the glycol prices may change due to international market fluctuations. Product and MSDS available upon request.

Food Grade PGC

Industrial Grade EGC