Technical Bulletins

We have embarked upon a “Technical Focus” campaign which shall be directed specifically at Mechanical Consulting Engineers, but could also be useful to others.

The aim of this campaign shall be to provide technical information on a variety of topics such as innovate products and components from Aermec, technologies used in air conditioning and process cooling such as “Intelligent Free Cooling”, technical differences between various types of compressors, the differences between EER and ESEER and the formula used for the calculation, components that can improve system efficiency such as Aermec MultiChiller Sequence controllers, latest legal requirements such as F-Gas regulations, exhibitions, seminars, etc…

The bulletins shall consist of technical presentations (some of which shall be CPD approved), case study papers, brochures on new products, energy saving calculations, etc…

We believe that you will come to realise that EICL are at the forefront of the latest technologies being the exclusive distributor for Aermec and Hitema in Ireland.

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If at any time you have a specific interest in any product or technology, please call us now on 018255155 and we would be happy to provide additional information or even a presentation if you wish.

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