Are you stressing about the return to school?

Do you have questions about how to minimise the risk of virus transmission in the classroom?


Our UVC air purification technology aids in minimising the risk of coronavirus, flu and cold transmission in your classrooms by deactivating viruses in the air.

Continue to invest in your students and teachers safety today to ensure a better, safer world for tomorrow.

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#EICL are currently looking for agents for the resale of our new #ULPURA UVC air purifier.

This product has generated an abundance of interest across multiple industries including infrastructure, hospitality, offices, education and leisure.

If you would like to know more about this collaboration opportunity

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Our first #eicl #podcast is going live tomorrow (Wednesday @ 1.45PM).

Our guest is Giulio from #Fiorini and the topic is buffer tank sizing, importance of their location and DHW calorifier options.

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At we’re looking after those that look after you…

The Miesien Plaza buildings you see on the news every day hosting the Dept of Health daily Covid-19 (RTE & Virgin media) NEWS report are kept comfortable in this warm weather with #Aermec Air Cooled and Water Cooled Water Chillers which were selected by ARUP, installed by Winthrop and supplied by #EICL

When you need confidence, efficiency and reliability you cannot beat the great combination of #EICL & #Aermec.

#staysafe #worksafe

  • Do you want to give customers confidence to return to your business premises?
  • ULPURA air purifier is the solution! ULPURA uses both filtration and UVC technology to sanitise and purify the air for your comfort and safety.
  • UVC technology is independently proven to break down the DNA of over 99% of viruses, mould and bacteria thereby preventing the reproduction and spread of coronavirus.
  • In addition our G2 air filter removes unwanted dust and pollen particles to provide a very healthy environment.
  • ULPURA is available in 5 sizes (subject to availability) for various room sizes and can be floor, wall, ceiling mounted or ducted in a suspended ceiling, ranging in price from just €530 to €740 excl vat and delivery from Dunboyne. Free door sticker included to tell your customers that “These premises are protected by ULPURA UVC technology”.
  • Currently there is a massive worldwide demand for this technology and stocks are limited, so CALL US NOW to reserve your order on 018255155 or email to Further info on

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