Hitema, an international Italian Company with 15.000 square meters workshop located in Padua close to Venice, one of the most wonderful historical city in Italy. Hitema mission is expressed in the Company’s brand promise: we work hard to always provide the answer.



Specially designed evaporator

  • Combined “coaxial type” evaporator and buffer tank utilitises a balance of flooded and falling film technology to optimise efficiency, minimise refrigerant charge and minimise start/stops, also improving life span.
  • Fill point eliminates the necessity for Automatic filling station, Auto air vent and expansion vessel*. In addition, the “self priming process” reduces the labour and time normally associated with purging air from the system.
  • Evaporator design with large water volume provides a very stable outlet temperature, perfectly suited to process cooling applications.
  • Large volume buffer tank provides a thermal buffer for off-cycle cooling.
  • New “self cleaning” coaxial evaporator.
  • EER, ESEER & IPLV among the highest in the market.
  • Higher pressure water pump fitted as standard (compared with typical Air conditioning chillers) – more suited for process cooling applications.

* If pipework is higher than the level of the water chiller, system may need to be sealed and pressurised. Pressurisation kit also available.