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Why us?

Certified Experience

All of our Service Engineers are fully qualified, experienced, product trained and of course F-Gas certified.

We got the tools

We have a team of fully qualified Service Technicians (equipped with specialist refrigeration equipment) and Sales Engineers to answer to your every need.

Best pricing

Thanks to our volume of sales and strong relationship with our partners we can be very competitive without sacrificing any quality.

Quality Guarantee

We guarantee the best quality for our products. Our “quality philosophy” defines that the product we sell is certified to a very high standard, such as Eurovent, ISO9001, CE, AHRI, EHPA, etc..

30 Years Experience

Thanks to our experience we can provide a really good service from selling the best products to installation and maintenance.

Great Support

You will not feel alone.

We take great pride in our reputation for service support and are glad to support you for everything you need.


“Thank you for the opportunity to visit Aermec in Verona. It really is a very impressive factory, and it is obvious that their attention to detail  and good engineering makes Aermec the reliable machines that they are. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip, and getting to meet some fellow Aermec customers was very interesting!!! May I also say that the warm welcome from Michelle, and the wonderful hospitality really made it special.”

Fergus McNamee

Holfeld Plastics

“I have worked with EICL over the past two years. I have found the companies attention to detail extremely help full and all the work performed on site was up to a very high standard. At any stage day or night when I called I was greeted with a great response and a very timely engineers visit.  The engineer working for EICL also has great knowledge of the machinery and equipment they work on. This can be recognised straight away when dealing with them This can be recognised straight away when dealing with them.”

John Whelan

Maintenance Manager / Rondo Food Ireland


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