**Place your Order Now to Avoid Disappointment**

 As you may be aware the Italians like their summer holidays,
so they tend to shut down for the month of August.

In reality, the Aermec factory only shuts for 2 weeks.

However, the availability of staff for these weeks and trucks (for haulage) in particular is extremely limited

from the last week of July to the first week of September and the price can also increase due to the demand.

Therefore, we recommend you place your orders by the following dates:

Type of Chiller   Delivery Term Order By
NSG / TBX 8 weeks 2nd June 2017
NSM / NRB 1800 – 3600/ AHU  7 weeks 9th June 2017
NRB 0800-1600/ NRL 0280-0750/ ANL 290–650 6 weeks 16th June 2017
ANL     5 weeks 23rd June 2017
ANL 020 – 200    4 weeks 30th June 2017